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Jun 30

Are IT Certifications worth it?


What are your thoughts on the value of IT certifications in the tech industry?

Jun 30

The knowledge gained is always valuable

That is a great point Teneyia! Have certifications impacted your career?

Depending on the partnerships companies have, some places get discounts for having certified technicians hired. Example and data-center with with 5 CCNA employees could get a discount on equipment and or licences. This helps vendors cut down own support calls.


A few places I have applied for wanted me for the certs that I already have,or required me to get on in X amount of time. My present job has a lot of Microsoft Certified techs, in the 5 years I have been there we called Microsoft one time for support. We push for Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft Certifications.


Certifications help us look better to new and existing customers. Second vendors know that we would not call them on every little problem.


I think they are better than degrees myself, they help prove you can do the job, but brain dumps are kill the credibility of certifications.

Everything you said was on point. Thanks for the post Christen. I agree in most cases certs are better than degrees and have a better ROI. If I could it all over again I would of had a way better plan.

Certifications are important to both your career and your professional image. An easy way to look at it is whether you would hire a CPA to do your accounting or just someone off of the street. Certifications are a way to show that you are taking your professional development seriously.