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Should you take an IT contract position?

Contracts in the IT world are very common!

This is for numerous reasons.

1. It removes the liability that a company has for an employee. Meaning no 401k, health benefits and they can let you go whenever they feel the need to.

2. Companies can bring in help as they need it.

3. It in most cases saves companies money. (They don't have to pay health insurance and ect.)

You have short term contracts, 3-6 months contracts, long term contracts and contract to hire positions. Each can come with their own set of risks and sometimes perks.

I have taken several contracts in my career. They are often more lucrative than a permanent position, but come with many risks. One risk you may face is little to no benefits. Many recruiting agencies offer benefits but the rate will be crazy high.

One rate I was quoted was over $700 a pay check. 

There are many other options you have when it comes to benefits for you and your family. You can contact blue cross and setup your own benefits. I was paying about $250 to cover my wife and kids. That was a month. Since they are all healthy it was cheaper. 

Another risk with taking a contract is the fact that the job is not secure. Meaning, at anytime the company can cut their ties with you or the contracting company. This for many people is a scary place to be in. In my opinion no job is secure. As long as you have faith and you are constantly improving your skills things will work out. 

This leads me to my final point. 

Taking a contract for the money is the biggest risk. I believe every job you take should improve your skills and help you grow as a professional. Money doesn’t do this. I know the money may help pay bills and give you the lifestyle you desire. But when the contract is over or if it’s cut short. You will have to update your resume. And if the job experience has no projects and no real skills. That can hurt your career. 

Whatever you decide to do be sure to research both the company you will be assigned to and the recruiting company that signs your check. 

Last thing I leave you with is this. 

Never allow fear to keep you from an amazing opportunity. I’ve taking contracts. Honestly, I left the security of the government for a contract. And now I’m doing exactly what I always wanted to do.  Be encouraged and God Bless! 

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