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8 Python Resources for Network Engineers

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

With all the changes all the changes with the new CCNA and all other certification tracks in Cisco. One thing is for sure. WE MIGHT NEED TO LEARN HOW TO AUTOMATE as Network Engineers.

Long gone will be the days of installing a switch or router one by one through the CLI.

How long before this change in our infrastructure is seen in all organizations?

That depends on the rate or adaption.

In this post I will provide you with 8 resources that you can use to develop your skills in Python and in Network Automation today! Some of these resources are free, others are not. Remember that there is such a thing as having too many resources. So, I have broken this post down into sections and only included resources that helped me most.


I love this book! You start off by learning the basics of Python and then you immediately get to apply what you learned by doing different automation tasks. These tasks are not network related. So they are simple tasks you can do right on your laptop or computer. The second edition is based on Python 3. Note: As of Jan 1st Python is 2.7 is no longer supported.

Salute to the author Eric Chou for being one of the leaders in network programmabililty. In today's network automation landscape, you need to know networking and understand software development. This book combines best of both worlds. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and come back to it often, because it covers many of the tools and libraries you may utilize as a network automation engineer.

If you are serious about network automation I highly recommend this book. Learning to write scripts is something that anyone can do. But few embrace the process of writing beautiful, clean, modular, and tested code. This book is a blueprint for software developers.


Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]

This free code camp course on YouTube is fire! Me personally I have paid for python courses and I have used free ones. And right now there is no need to pay for a course on python!

Python Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course] Learn Python for Web Development

Mosh is a great instructor. I have used his Pluralsight courses and now that he has a course on YouTube its worth it because at some point you will use Django.

Start your network programmability journey

Hank is the man! He has been working hard at Cisco to help every network engineer get up to speed with network automation. If you need to understand what network automation is all about Hank outlines it clearly and to the point.

Courses and Modules

Cisco Devnet’s platform is a gift that I need you to take advantage of now before they start charging everyone. Because they will! You name a Cisco technology they have a module for it with access to technology. Check this post out because I have outlined their platform from beginning to end on how you should start!

All of the resources I have listed have helped me tremendously to not only get certified in network automation but to become a network automation engineer in my company. Two last resources I need to mention are Google and Stack-overflow. Look there is not one video or book that will help you think and solve problems like a programmer. That takes years to accomplish and if you are not writing code daily it may take longer.

Google and Stack-overflow need to become your go to resource before you ask anyone for help. Get use to reading long posts and API documentation now. I know its painful but you will appreciate going through the pain of forcing yourself to learn on your own.

That’s how you grow!

Good luck on your Network Automation Journey and #LabEveryday


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