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The Main Evaluation Criteria for the Defense of a Doctoral Dissertation

A doctoral dissertation is a serious study that should not be taken lightly if you still want to defend your work the first time, as well as get a degree. To write a good doctoral dissertation, you need to know by what parameters the work will be evaluated. In this article, paytowritepaper will describe them in detail so that you can clearly see whether your work meets the criteria listed below.

General parameters for doctoral evaluation

Typically, a doctoral dissertation is evaluated on the following grounds:

  1. This work should be a unique work written by the author himself.

  2. The dissertation must be holistic, it must contain scientific novelty.

  3. If the dissertation is of an applied nature, then it should also contain information on the use of the results obtained for practical purposes.

  4. If the dissertation is of a theoretical nature, then it should contain information on exactly how it can be used in practice.

  5. Also, in the doctoral dissertation there should be a clear argumentation of the main provisions.

  6. Most of the materials presented in the work should have been published earlier in the form of scientific articles.

  7. In addition, various patents are equated to publications in print media.

  8. A doctoral dissertation must necessarily refer to the works of other scientists.

  9. If in scientific work there are references to the previous works of the author, then this point in the doctoral dissertation should also be indicated.

The organization in which this scientific study was carried out also writes its conclusion, which should reflect how much this work was done by the author himself, as well as how reliable the results obtained in it are. The conclusions drawn from this text should be innovative, as well as contain practical value.

With a positive conclusion of the organization in which the study was conducted, as well as the documents attached to it, which is provided for by the list approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of America, the work is forwarded to the dissertation council He proceeds to preview the dissertation in the event that it is already fully printed on the official website of the organization in which this research was conducted. In addition, after publication on the site, the text can no longer be subjected to any changes.

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